Electric boiler
with Wi-Fi control

Smart electric heating

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  • Power: 4.5 – 24 kW
  • Voltage: 220/380 W
  • Warranty: 2 years
TEKNIX Electric boiler with Wi-Fi control

Universal and modern TEKNIX design

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When you are surrounded by beautiful, modern and functional things, your house becomes a place of power, where a simple coffee you drink is a potion of energy and peace.

Soft lines, glossy full face and convenient control via the Touch-panel or via a mobile app — this is the future of the electric boiler market, which you can get now. Get ready for the heating season and take care of stylish comfort in your home.

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Reliability in <b>every</b> detail
Energy-efficient pump with frequency control
Enamelled expansion tank
Touch display with Q-touch technology
Made of stainless steel
Heat exchanger made of stainless steel
Control board with Wi-Fi module

Reliability in every detail

We have created an ergonomic electric boiler, which already has all the necessary components. No need to waste your time on the purchase and installation of additional elements.

Energy-efficient pump with frequency control WILO Para — Germany

Energy-efficient pump with frequency control

The only system that allows you to connect heating to batteries and underfloor heating. Automatically adjusts pressure and saves energy.

Enamelled expansion tank CIMM — Italy

Enamelled expansion tank

The compact tank is built into the boiler. Maintains balanced pressure in the heating system and does not require additional connection to external equipment.

Touch display with Q-touch technology

Touch display with Q-touch technology

Management and indication of parameters and modes in the boiler. Easy to use. Works even in cold environment.

Made of stainless steel Block of heaters

Made of stainless steel

Directly heats the coolant. Has the feature of rotational operation of heating elements, which allows to increase its service life.

Heat exchanger made of stainless steel Thermal insulation material from K-FLEX

Heat exchanger made of stainless steel

The container for the installation of heating elements, reliably protected from leaks due to arc welding, is covered with a thick layer of thermal insulation from the outside.

Control board with Wi-Fi module

Control board with Wi-Fi module

Provides automatic boiler power control through the app. Performs a number of protective functions, such as anti-freeze and anti-blocking of the pump.

Smart solution for smart household

Mobile app TEKNIX Smart boiler

Manage the settings of your boiler with a couple of clicks from anywhere in the world.


Temperature setting for a week

Set a comfortable warm temperature to wake up in the morning, and keep your home fresh and cool at night with energy-efficient settings.


Easier power selection

Reduce the power of the boiler to the value set in the settings when other appliances are turned on in the house to protect the house from overvoltage.


Notifications about the boiler work

Notifications about changes in the operation of the boiler are sent to the mobile app. If an error occurs, the boiler automatically sends a notification to the service department to quickly resolve the issue.


Setting the temperature in the batteries

Warm up your house while you are on the way home. Or set a minimum temperature when you leave the house for a long time to save costs.


Maintaining the room temperature

Thanks to the air temperature sensor built into the boiler, it is convenient to set a comfortable temperature at home, even without a thermostat.

Economy and durability

Economy and durability

Warranty and service support for 2 years

The function of rotating heating elements for their alternate operation increases its longevity

There are all security systems available:

Anti-legionella function prevents the appearance of germs in the pipes

User protection from electric shock

Safety valve with leakage and overpressure protection

Powerful thermal insulation reduces heat loss and heating of the lid

Timely informing about the boiler operations through a mobile app

Air vent GIAKOMINI R88I (Italy)

Automatic shutdown to prevent system overheating

Sensors of air and water temperature

Hungarian manufacturer

Hungarian manufacturer S PLUSZ K TECHNIK KFT About company

European production standards

Our products have passed CE certification and have all the mechanisms to check the quality of products. For more than 8 years, the company has been cooperating with the best European suppliers of components for electric and gas boilers.

9-stage testing of each boiler produced

Each boiler undergoes a rigorous quality check before being packed and shipped:

  • checking all sensors, valves, connections;
  • withstand different pressure levels;
  • temperature heating and board response.

You can be sure of the quality and reliability of our electric boiler.

We work hard to make it convenient for everyone!

Our goal is reliable partnership with industry specialists.


Set for water and house heating TEKNIX

A boiler for central heating and a boiler for hot water in pairs provide significant energy savings.

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