Set for heating water and heating TEKNIX

An electric boiler, a boiler and a FUGAS connection kit that perfectly match each other.

Set for heating water and heating TEKNIX

How to make a single-circuit boiler heat water?

Our package offer covers the needs of the household consumer by 100%. Boiler and boiler in a pair provide significant savings in electricity consumption.

Why should you buy a single-circuit boiler and boiler together?

  1. Economy up to 25% Thanks to the perfect combination of components and internal equipment systems, you have the opportunity to save money every day. The weekly programmer allows you to turn on the devices at full capacity during the night, or reduce the consumption of both devices when necessary.
  2. Management of the system in a smartphone Turn on space heating or hot water using a mobile app. Schedule a comfortable temperature in the entire room hourly! Our solution is currently the only one on the Ukrainian market, which allows you to regulate the operation of both devices remotely.
  3. Extended warranty When choosing the equipment, we relied on the 60-year experience of our European partners. All components are tested. We provide an extended warranty on each product if they work together.
  4. A perfect combination Stylish devices look good together and are easily installed in any room.

TEKNIX ESPRO electric boiler

The ESPRO series are Tenov boilers designed as a universal heat source for heating residential and office spaces. Electric boilers of the ESPRO series have an efficiency of 99%, thanks to which high efficiency of using such equipment is achieved.

Single-phase and three-phase connection.

Boiler power: 4.5 kW – 18 kW (up to 24 kW can be ordered on a personal basis)

Boiler TEKNIX Cube

This is a reliable boiler of European assembly. It has a wet heating element, and works both as an independent unit and in a set with a boiler, as a more economical water heating unit. Tank volume: 60 l, 80 l, 100 l, 120 l, 150 l.

The water heater is equipped with “Tank in tank” technology. “Tank in tank” is a unique patented heat exchange system consisting of two containers of different sizes. Water for heating is located in the inner tank, and water from the boiler is located in the outer tank, which acts as a heat carrier, thanks to which an increase in heat output by 40% is ensured, compared to boilers with a standard coil.

The connection kit from the world-famous Italian manufacturer — FUGAS.

This is the most reliable supplier of components for electric boilers. When installed by a specialist, it has a guarantee for the long operation of the entire system.

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Set for water and house heating TEKNIX

A boiler for central heating and a boiler for hot water in pairs provide significant energy savings.