Service assistance

  1. How to control the boiler through the touch screen

    Short video instruction for setting up the boiler using the display

  2. How to connect the boiler with a mobile app

    Video instruction of how to connect the Wi-Fi boiler module to a mobile app via the Internet

  • 24 months warranty
  • Service assistance
  • 8 years boiler longevity

Service and warranty

* Warranty for the boiler is valid only when the warranty card is filled out

  • By seller

    During the sale process, the seller must fill in the first part of the warranty card – enter the dates of sale, the data of the company that carried out the sale and enter the serial number of the boiler.

  • Certified Service Partner

    When starting the boiler for the first time, Service Partner fills in the second part of the warranty card. It is mandatory to fill in the data about the installer company, the name of the installer, measurement of all indicators, and the date of first usage.

  • Install the boiler

    The installation of the boiler can be carried out by the installer, relying on the installation checklist. However, start-up testing and acceptance for warranty service can only be performed by a Certified Service Partner from the list below.

  • * The boiler must be installed no later than 6 months from the date of purchase.

  • * Warranty is valid for annual technical inspection and compliance with the conditions of installation and operation.

Order spare parts

    We provide a full range of support for our partners and clients.

    You can order any spare part of the boiler by filling out the feedback form. Please see the PDF file below for a list of spare parts codes to make your ordering process easier.

    List of spare parts: 
    Запасні частини на котел TEKNIX